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Jill's Farm provides sanctuary for ducks, geese, older chickens and sheep and goats. They may come from an abusive or neglectful environment or from a family that can no longer care for them. All of the animals are welcomed into a healthy, safe environment where they can live out their lives. We re-home when we can, to approved families. We are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and welcome donations!

Some Friends Left Jill a Goose

​Jill's Farm began when some friends left  our Executive Director, Jill Johnson, a goose. His name was MaBuddy. He imprinted on Jill and thought she was his mom. Jill tried to find a pal for him but was

not sure if he needed a goose or a gander. It became clear that many geese needed

a home. Word got out - only through word of mouth - that Jill's Farm would take in

geese. Suddenly the farm had 35 geese!

Top Roo Too rooster on top of the chicken run.
Happy geese at Jill's Farm


Sanctuary, Education, Advocacy


Jill's Farm gives a safe home for abandoned, neglected or abused farm fowl, goats and sheep. 

 We call that sanctuary.

A baby goat and young boy cuddle

Jill's Farm welcomes visitors and will be developing activities for schoolchildren. Many children do not have the opportunity to Interact with farm animals as living, sentient beings. We aim to change that one visit at a time.


We support legislation that promotes the humane treatment of all animals, including commercial farm animals.

Gaelen the big red goat

Board of Directors 


Jill Johnson

Chairman and Executive Director

My idea for farm animal rescue began as a child when I learned how the animals most people eat are mistreated throughout their lives. While my professional life has mostly been on the financial markets,

I have always rescued animals or volunteered for rescue organizations. Then, about 7 years ago, MaBuddy, a goose, imprinted on me and became my best friend. Then followed chickens, goats, ducks and others and the farm was started.


Carolyn Shilling-Gill

Board Member

Carolyn jokingly tells folks that she's "from farm stock." All four of her grandparents were farmers and ranchers from Oklahoma. Not surprisingly she's a natural with animals large and small, both farm animals and household pets. In addition to this affinity for animals, she brings over thirty years of experience in

non-profit management including strategic planning, facilitation and mediation, leadership training along with her skill as an accountant. She's generally known as someone with a passion for providing leadership and entrepreneurial skill training for women and girls.


Tina Knechtel


When Tina Knechtel was 7 years old, her mother refused to buy her a blue parakeet.  After a 20 minute meltdown of epic proportions, Tina declared to her mother that one day she would have a thousand birds.  Forty long years later, Tina began to make good on that promise by ordering 4 goslings and 6 chicks from a local nursery.  Since then, Tina’s small hobby farm has grown to include herding dogs, goats, and more chickens.  In addition to managing her own farm, Tina also has her own business caring for other island farm animals, including ducks, turkeys, sheep, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, rats, fish, and

(of course) birds.  Tina’s interests outside farming and gardening include reading, drawing, and music

(in particular, Korean hip-hop, indie, and punk music).  She is most likely the only dairy goat farmer in the Puget Sound who regularly milks goats while humming along to Epik High.  In the future, Tina hopes to add bees, more chickens, a couple of miniature donkeys, and maybe a mini Jersey cow to her farm. 

Of course, she still wants a blue parakeet.


Rita Schecnck


Rita loves animals, especially goats. She also has a PhD in Oceanography. Lucky for us, she agreed to be our Secretary.

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